The original phone battery can cause hardware damage

171-16505For a phone, pick up the battery, which is the core of the security range power more and more get the attention of consumer, however, as a removable battery, from its storage and use of all have a lot of exquisite, otherwise may cause carry cell phone hardware damage.
With the innovation of new smart phones, mobile phone is more and more tend to entertainment and lifestyle, but as the foundation of the mobile phone, or in order to be able to achieve better communication state, which carry cell phone battery has become the most important factor, the stand or fall of mobile phone battery directly affects the service life of the cell phone. Recently, the citizen s woman met a complication related to cell phone battery. Ms history, she in July bought a new smartphone, priced at more than 5000 yuan, can use two weeks, the mobile phone camera can’t use. Ms history then found the phone after-sales maintenance department, maintenance department staff told ms history, her cell phone camera malfunction because the phone camera firmware damage caused by the damaged reason is phone appears in the current unstable situation short circuit, makes the camera cables burn out. After further assessment, after-sales maintenance department staff, according to the final conclusion of the history of ms is due to long time not original battery for mobile phone use range, short circuit due to discharge process is not uniform.
So s woman admitted after-sales maintenance department staff, she said when purchasing a mobile phone at the same time, she bought a piece of mobile phone battery, not original because of considering the use of mobile phone original battery for a long time can let the battery life is reduced, she plans to continue to use the not original battery, but I didn’t think the final will be such a big influence on mobile phone. Fortunately, after-sales maintenance department staff said ms can be free for ever replace with a new phone, but in the process of using history of hope ms don’t continue to use the original battery.
According to samsung after-sales maintenance department staff liu, currently most smartphones use original battery to lithium batteries, such batteries is the feature of no memory effect, but there are inertia, long time no use might be passivation phenomenon, charge and discharge can be restored after a few times for best efficiency; And because this kind of battery is the handset maker’s repeated testing to put on the market, relative to the original phone battery storage electric life and current stability is better.
Lithium battery for the first time
Charging 12 hours?
After residents buy digital products with the battery, is mostly based on battery life will be full charge for the first time 12 hours, and professional personage points out, for the first time charge if we need to full 12 hours shall be for the battery type to distinguish.
According to samsung after-sales maintenance department staff said, as does not harm the battery life, charging best with slow charge, when the time is too long. “The first charge 12 hours” applicable is nickel battery, for nowadays mostly use lithium battery of mobile phone do not apply. Whether mobile phone original battery label mark LI – ION, if mark for lithium battery.
For the initial charge of lithium-ion batteries, the overcharge and over discharge can cause huge damage to the lithium battery. And charging according to the standard time and standard best way, especially not charging for more than 12 hours long. Normally, mobile phone charging method on the manual, is suitable for the mobile phone charging standard method, the general battery charging in 2-3 hours can be filled.

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