The understanding of the battery memory effect

7Battery memory effect refers to the reversible battery failure, namely the performance of the battery can be reactivated after failure. Memory effect refers to the battery for a long time subjected to specific work cycle, tend to keep this particular automatically. The earliest definition in nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel cadmium battery bag there is no memory effect, sintering type battery memory effect. Now the hydrogen nickel metal (commonly known as nickel metal hydride batteries is not bound by the memory effect is defined.
Because modern nickel cadmium battery technology improvement, the memory effect has been significantly reduced, while the other replaced this definition, a phenomenon is a nickel-based battery \ \ \ \ \ \ \ “lattice, \ \ \ \ \ \ \”, usually, nickel cadmium batteries comprehensive influence by these two kinds of effects, while nimh batteries only by \ \ \ \ \ \ \ “lattice, \ \ \ \ \ \ \” memory effect, and the nickel cadmium battery for small effect.
In practical applications, the elimination of memory effects have strict specifications and an operating process. Improper operation backfire.
For nickel cadmium battery, the normal maintenance is regularly deep discharge: the average use for a month (or 30 cycle) on a deep discharge, discharge to the 1.0 V/per day, foreigners called exercise), common use is to use photovoltaic cells or use the formation of means can reduce memory effects such as shutdown, but this is not a exercise, because of the instrument (such as mobile phone) is not used 1.0 V/only shut down every day, must be special equipment or line to finish the work, fortunately many of nimh battery charger with this function.
Exercise for long without the nickel cadmium battery, because the total memory effect, can’t reply in exercise capacity, then you will need to further discharge (laowai recondition), this is a very small current for a long time for each section to 0.4 V battery discharge of a process, need professional equipment.
For nickel metal hydride batteries, exercise frequency of about once every three months can effectively relieve the memory effect. Because the cycle life of nimh battery is lower than nickel-cadmium batteries, with almost no recondition this method.
Bring suggestion 1: every time before charging the battery discharge is not necessary, and it is harmful, because useless shorten the life of the battery.
Bring suggest 2: use a resistance after is the cathode of the battery discharge is not desirable, can’t control current, easy to 0 v, even result in series battery pack battery polarity reversal.

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