To test the batteries, rechargeable batteries should be how to

4251r-327The battery test is mainly to observe the appearance and measurement of no-load voltage and load voltage.
(1) check the appearance of the battery for new battery, to watch if there is a good sign, such as the type and nominal voltage, production date, etc. Also, do check whether there is any breakage, leakage, distortion, etc.
(2) the test battery voltage dc block using the multimeter, choose range is slightly greater than the nominal voltage, red pens and connect the anode of the battery, black pens and connect battery cathode, the measured voltage of no-load voltage, voltage should be not less than nominal voltage (for new battery). Will load resistance (resistance size shall be prescribed by the manufacturer) between battery evidence, negative, and then use this way to measure the battery voltage, the measured voltage value, for the load voltage (working voltage), the value should be similar to nominal voltage (new battery), shows that the battery is good, if the measured voltage than the nominal power down a lot, that the battery can not continue to use.

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