What are the precautions for battery use

jui32366 (1)21) suggest that the battery + 5 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃ temperature (25 ℃) under the condition of use, high temperature will shorten the lifespan, capacity at low temperature;
2) different brands, different capacity, the different between old and new battery it is forbidden to mix;
Will produce the hydrogen in the 3) battery, so stay away from fire, keep the ventilation, to prevent explosion;
4) please keep the environment clean, too much dust can cause battery short circuit;
5) batteries to recharge timely after discharge, did not charge the battery and then discharge, can lead to lower the battery’s capacity or even damaged, so you must configure appropriate charger;
6) UPS with low (such as 1 kvaups with 150 va workload) may cause the battery to discharge the depth of should avoid as far as possible;
7) proper discharge, help cell activation, such as long-term keep mains and battery discharge will be manual, 2 ~ 4 times a year, can use existing load discharge, time for reserve 1/4 ~ 1/3 of time;
8) long-term outage (UPS) should be charge the storage battery, and the need for battery charging and discharging on a semi-annual basis, usually floating on the battery 4 ~ 10 hours, and work in the battery inverter state 2 ~ 3 minutes

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