The commonly used standard battery

123456According to IEC standards, the International electrotechnical Commission (International Electrical appointed, is composed of national electrotechnical Commission worldwide organization for standardization, its purpose is to promote the standardization in the field of Electrical and electronic. Which standard is IEC285 about nickel cadmium battery, standards for IEC61436 regarding the nimh batteries. Lithium ion battery is IEC standard, general battery industry was based on standard of SANYO and Panasonic.
Batteries commonly used IEC standard standard for IEC602851999 nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride battery standard is IEC614361998.1, standard for IEC619602000.11 lithium battery.
Batteries commonly used standard for the nickel cadmium battery in the national standard of GB/T11013_1996GB/T18289_2000; Nickel metal hydride battery standard is: GB/T15100_1994GB/T18288_2000: standard for lithium batteries: GB/T10077_1998YD/T998_1999, GB/T18287_2000.
Additional batteries commonly used standard also has Japan industrial standard JIS C standard about battery and SANYO about battery enterprise standards set by the Panasonic company.

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