The use of battery matters needing attention and maintenance

u=2461036172,3143594641&fm=23&gp=0Current automotive leadacid battery according to the use of maintenance situation can be roughly divided into two kinds: WeiHuXing battery and maintenance free storage battery.
Lead-acid battery is made up of positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and terminal of first class, in the process of using, WeiHuXing lead-acid battery can cause excessive water due to the nature of its own decomposition, reduce the electrolyte.
Maintenance free storage battery is made of lead calcium alloy, the decomposition of the water quantity is little, low evaporation, compared with the conventional lead-acid batteries do not need to add any liquid, corrosion of the terminal, the wire and body small, charging resistance is strong, large starting current, power storage time is long.
For using and maintenance of maintenance free lead-acid battery should pay attention to the following:
1, the battery don’t will slowly for a long time to discharge, to scrap, so if long time need not, to disconnect the battery cable, and to every other for a period of time (6 weeks) will start a car, for battery charging.
2, when the dashboard shows the battery when the battery is low, to recharge in time.
3, the density of the electrolyte should according to different areas and different season adjustments according to the standard.
4, should add distilled water or special rehydration when losing electricity, drinking pure water instead of avoid by all means.
5, when starting car, uninterrupted use of starting opportunities and lead to excessive battery discharge damage, don’t every time a car for more than 5 seconds, start again the time interval of not less than 15 seconds.
6, daily route, pay more attention to check ventilation holes on the battery cover.
7, check the battery is negative for the oxidation.
8, check the circuit for aging or short circuit, prevent battery shortens life because of excessive discharge.
For using and maintenance of maintenance free storage battery should pay attention to the following:
1, the battery is in use process not to discharge, discharge the battery to charge in a timely manner.
2, vehicle long-term need not, battery should be removed or disconnect the battery negative electrode wires. Battery on disabled, should be enough electricity and often check the battery status, low voltage, timely complement to electricity.
3, no battery short-circuit spark method to test battery to see if there is electricity.
4, often check whether firm connection part, terminal surface is clean, ensure good contact.
5, battery vent can’t jam, winter will prevent the water seal, otherwise will make the battery internal pressure increases, the shell burst accidents.
6, it is strictly prohibited to metal tools and conductive material is put in the battery terminals near, so as to avoid metal and battery into the poles, sparking caused short circuit and damage battery and terminals.

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